NOISE FOR NOW is a national initiative that enables performers to connect with, and financially support, grassroots organizations that are dedicated to empowering women and protecting women’s health and abortion rights. NOISE FOR NOW is the link between touring musicians, progressive promoters, and local feminist organizations in cities across the country.

Reproductive health care services, including access to safe and legal abortion, are under attack. National organizations like Planned Parenthood, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and the National Organization for Women, as well as hundreds of local, grassroots organizations throughout the country, need financial resources to protect reproductive rights, stop human trafficking, guarantee wage equality, and prevent the further erosion of women’s rights. NOISE FOR NOW provides a way for performers to use their talents to raise money and send a clear message that women’s rights are human rights. 

NOISE FOR NOW is not an entity – it’s a concept. There is no middleman collecting or distributing funds. NOISE FOR NOW simply connects national bands with grassroots organizations.



NOISE FOR NOW started with a few members of the Santa Fe Chapter of National Organization for Women looking for a way to raise money for abortion services. They also wanted to use cultural events to connect with the next generations of activists. Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen and visual artist Amelia Bauer, a member of Santa Fe NOW, approached Ami Spishock of Fort William Management and Samantha Kirby Yoh of William Morris Endeavor to collaborate on the first NOISE FOR NOW benefit concert. The response was overwhelming.

Bands that have already participated include Beach House, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Heather Trost, Lower Dens, St. Vincent, Tune Yards, and TV on the Radio.   Many other bands and performers are ready to sign on.

Organizations that have benefitted include Santa Fe NOW and the Pro-Choice Safety Network Fund.




A NOISE FOR NOW show is one in which all or a portion of the proceeds from the show go to the partnering feminist and pro-choice organization. Musicians recover the travel and staffing costs associated with playing a show.

The partnering organization may have a presence at the event if they choose, in order to distribute literature about their organization, recruit members, and/or sell merchandise related to the organization. The organization will NOT be authorized to sell merchandise that makes use of the musicians’ name or image, or is in conflict with the musicians’ own merchandise.

Have any questions? Interested in playing or promoting a NOISE FOR NOW concert? Please feel free to contact us.